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Cellene CO2 Laser

  • Cellene is the ultimate specialist in skin rejuvenation with both the CO2 laser / RF-combined energy & the needle RF energy.

  • It provides synergy effect by using the combined functions of CO2 laser with radiofrequency(RF).

  • As the name of Cell + Selene symbolizes, the multi RF & CO2 energies shines the deteriorated cells / tissues back to the rejuvenation.​

Intro Chart.png

CO2 Laser

  • When the light energy touches the human tissue, the chromophore of the living tissue absorbs the energy and

  • shows the selective ray thermolysis, thereby cutting, destroying and removing the tissue in the laser irradiated area.

Strong Point

Strong Point 1.png

Scanning Fractional CO2 Beam

Strong Point 2.png

The  Scan RFTM therapy exploits the combined action of fractional 
CO2 laser (Scan) with radiofrequency(RF). In order to combat skin 
alterations. It fights back such aging  effects of wrinkles & flabbiness, 
by providing the multi energies  on the tissues.

Surgical SGM Mode

Surgical SGM Mode.png

This unique Surgical ScanningTM can treat the previously untreatable
bigger lesion smoothly by irradiating to max 10mm diameter.
It can penetrate deeply and evenly.  It can form the rectangle & oval shape, 
not only forming the typical square & circle shape.

Product Images

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