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  • The Denti-5 CO2 laser system emits an invisible infrared laser with a maximum power of 30 watts @ 10.63 um and consists of:

    • Infrared light laser oscillation in tubes.

    • Power supplies with non contacted mode hand pieces.

    • LCD Touch Screen Display with key switch and emergency button​


Benefits of Denti-5 CO2 laser use in Dentistry

Benefits for operator                                Benefits for patients


  * Ability to seal the blood vessels        * Less Pain during & After the Procedure
  * Seal Lymphatic vessels                     * Less need for Anesthesia & Sutures
  * Seal Nerve fibers                               * Less Fear due to reduced Noise & Vibration
  * Reduce mechanical trauma               * Reduced Down time                         
  * The choice for oral surgery                * Shorten Procedure time
  * Precision                                           * Minimal Scarring
   * Ultra fast soft tissue cutting               * Fast Healing time

Strong Point

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